Friday, November 17, 2017
Would You Fire This Person? By Esther Schindler No one likes to show an employee the door, and few of us (thankfully) have reason to acquire the skill to fire someone gracefully and fairly. This article describes a Problem Employee and explores how several dozen IT managers — and workers — would deal with the situation. See if you'd make the same choices. ...Read More »
Taking Smilies to New Heights By Esther Schindler Don't blink. The Emotion Incubator Group will investigate a language to represent the emotional states of users and the emotional states simulated by user interfaces. ...Read More »
Intriguing Research Explores Sifting Data While Protecting Privacy As new disclosures mount about government surveillance programs, computer science researchers hope to wade into the fray by enabling data mining that also protects individual privacy. ...Read More »
Case Study: Concurrent Systems, Inc. By Brett Duesing If a suitable analogy exists for the importance of a proper design data management system, then it would be my buddy Chad. In college, Chad spent months rebuilding a motorcycle from spare parts. Though not a mechanic by training, he threw himself into the project completely, to the point where housemates began to speculate about his mental well-being. They would find tiny screws on the coffee table, greasy parts in piles on old towels around his room, and a half-dissected carburetor lying prostrate in the kitchen. ...Read More »
Watching the Detectives By Brett Duesing Like a detective, Tom Bundorf of Packer Engineering is after just the facts. Insurance companies hire the engineering consultancy to reconstruct what happened in auto accidents on a scientific basis. The Packer analysis serves as the only objective evidence in court to reconcile conflicting testimonies. "Sometimes witnesses believe they recall the event as crystal clear," Bundorf says. "They will sometimes try to estimate speeds and distances, but given the facts of the scene we know these estimates are not physically possible." ...Read More »
Pearls before Hogs By Brett Duesing Designer Joe McGlynn is a Harley enthusiast. So much so, that he designed a new seat for the mother of all Harley's, the Twin V. And he did it with a computer and CAD software, a far cry from the days when Harley's were an outlaw appendage and things were designed with pencil and paper. ...Read More »
Silicon Valley to become Diamond Valley? By David Hague Diamonds to replace silison in computing processors. Some believe it is not too far away! ...Read More »
Holden’s Monaro Coupe Wins Australia’s Heart For months the lights were on late at the design studios of Australian automaker Holden, while a group of engineers and clay and digital modelers were secretly developing a stylish new four-seater sports car using a technological process that would change the future of the company. ...Read More »
Designing the Segway Human Transporter Genius inventor Dean Kamen, whom many call the Thomas Edison of the 21st century, once noticed a young man in a wheelchair struggling to get over a curb. Kamen realized that the problem was one of balance so he set to work on creating a self-balancing mobile device. ...Read More »
Actify Inc. Names David Opsahl VP Business Development By DMN Staff Writer Actify, the leader in client-server design visualization and collaboration solutions for the high technology, automotive, industrial automation and discrete manufacturing industries, today announced it had rounded out its executive management team by appointing David Opsahl vice president of business development. ...Read More »
A New Intergraph By Lebron Miles Intergraph Corp. Chief Executive Officer Jim Taylor has spent 30 years of his life with the company. He has been intimately involved in the company since its inception in 1969 as M&S Computing Inc. Taylor has served on Intergraph’s board of directors since 1976 and in vital executive roles. A year ago, he replaced a man he admires, founder Jim Meadlock, as chief executive officer. ...Read More »
Designing Jurassic Park Junior’s Triceratops By DMN Staff Writer The Triceratops is one of more than a dozen toys in the Jurassic Park Junior line -- a group of simple, friendly dinosaur toys for pre-school aged children. The concept for the line is the result of a collaborative effort between teams at Hasbro and licensor Universal Studios and the work of many individuals. ...Read More »
What do CAD Technicians Make? By Elise Moss While 19% of employers expect to lay off their drafters, 50% expect to be hiring, and 31% expect to keep their staff status quo. For those people who are laid off, this can be good means that starting in January, you should be able to find a job. ...Read More »
MacDon Industries Improves Design Productivity Across Engineering Organization By DMN Staff Writer "I called my wife to say I would be late getting home. But after only one hour, I had installed and implemented the tools and easily made it home for dinner," says Jon Cook of MacDon Industries. Initial implementation time has been cut from four hours per workstation with traditional systems to 20 minutes with Solid Edge Insight, Cook estimated. ...Read More »
CADporter powers Boeing Translation Website By DMN Staff Writer To the Boeing Delta IV team, time is of the essence. The Delta IV rocket is scheduled to launch in early 2002, and smooth collaboration between several different Boeing facilities is vital in order to meet this launch date. ...Read More »
Global Worksharing By DMN Staff Writer Scheduling demands, rising costs and global markets are prompting owner/operators and engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) firms to use their assets wisely. ...Read More »
Finding an edge By Lebron Miles Technip is the leading European engineering operation and ranks among the world’s top five major players in the design and construction of petroleum and petrochemical facilities. With its headquarters in Paris, France, Technip has more than 30 affiliates and representative offices worldwide. ...Read More »
Centralized Control Room Helps bp Communications By DMN Staff Writer Controlling the processes for various chemical distillations and flow within a chemical plant is a diverse operation. It involves a lot of personnel and the management of many different processors and flows that must be constantly monitored for performance, anomaly, and end-product results.bp formerly British Petroleum/Amoco decided to make a bold leap into the future of process control and management by designing a new centralized control room which brought the heretofore in-plant operations to an out-plant control room. ...Read More »
Avaya Unveils Full-Color, Large-Display Internet Protocol Screen Phone By DMN Staff Writer Avaya announced a new Internet Protocol (IP) telephone equipped with a full-color, touch-sensitive screen that clearly displays Web content, call status, directory data and other information. ...Read More »
Mourning Doves By Charlie White In the face of the ghastly terrorist attacks in New York and Washington, writing an editorial about digital media seemed so unimportant. What angle should I take? That the camera work of numerous amateur videographers was first-class? That it’s remarkable how ubiquitous camcorders are these days, where if anything significant happens, we’ll get to see five different shots of it, especially if it happens in heavily-populated New York City? There’s just hardly any approach to this column this week that seems appropriate. ...Read More »
iPi Motion Capture brings history to life
History buffs who have wondered about witnessing great moments in time are one step closer thanks to Toronto-based mobile content developer  AWE , t Read More
iOgrapher before Holidays
It's this time of year that we usually start to think about what to get each other for a holiday gift. This year, with all of the different siz Read More
Trapcode Suite 13 Powerhouse includes new Trapcod...
Out now:  Trapcode Suite 13, an upgrade to the industry’s most essential tools for creating motion graphics and visual effects in Adobe After Effects. Read More
Autodesk Subscriptions & Mac OS
This is great news for the ebb and flow of work that moves through a studio.  Autodesk is offering subscription models for Flame software. Moreover Read More
El Capitan if you dare... Digital Anarchy updates
Digital Anarchy has updated their plugins for the intrepid who have decided to upgrade to El Capitan in production. (yecch) Check out the DIGITAL Read More

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