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Shaping the Future of Enterprise VR with VRgineers
By Marek Polcák

Imagine the virtual reality that brings a real-life experience. Imagine a tool for designers that can speed up the designing process and see the reality before it actually happens. Imagine doctors performing simulated surgeries to learn new techniques with a lifelike level of detail. And imagine engineers walking through a building that has yet to be constructed to view every tiny detail of their design. Thanks to high-def VR all of this is at your fingertips.

The world goes virtual

The Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) sector is already a billion-dollar market and it is expected to reach $120 billion within the next few years. Headset shipments worldwide are projected to reach almost 100 million units in 2021, according to IDC. Goldman Sachs estimates the total addressable market for VR hardware at $35 billion in 2025. 

As the new generation of high-quality enterprise-level VR headsets becomes more readily available, the current market for rival immersive solutions is losing track. Offering a higher pixel density and thus also a better resulting picture quality for under ten thousand dollars, it is a hard-to-ignore alternative with a potential to transform the whole industry.

The automotive industry has had a long experience with VR/AR technologies in the design and evaluation processes. The most common are room-sized immersive 3D visualization systems with multiple data projectors and goggles similar to those used for 3D cinema. They were developed in the 1990's and although they have played an important role in scientific and engineering visualizations, it is also a highly costly solution, generally amounting up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. The development of AR/VR brings innovative solutions to several areas of the automotive field - from car design and development to test-driving, showroom experience, and employee training.  The emerging enterprise VR solutions in the automotive sector point to where the future of enterprise VR goes - cutting costs, speeding up decisions and creating and collaborating in VR.

On the customer side, high-resolution Virtual Reality gives the customer an opportunity to choose, configure and virtually test drive their future car. VR also starts to play an important role in drivers' education, bringing the driving simulators to a completely new, realistic level. Last but not least, VR can be used for point-of-sale employee training to teach them about new car models and their configurations.

Innovative companies in the market of VR like VRgineers are constantly pushing the edges of what is technologically possible. VRgineers is producing and selling their revolutionary 5K headset to carmakers like BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, and Skoda. They initially focused on these enterprises because they have high-quality 3D content and a clear VR use case: It accelerates their design and prototyping processes and helps evaluate possible new models. What used to take months and needed to be tested as a physical prototype model, now can be sped up with virtual reality. 

This is just the beginning

In January 2018, VRgineers introduced its new VRHero 5K Plus featuring double Quad HD OLED displays, each with resolution and pixel density higher than the new iPhone X Super Retina display. The resulting level of image quality and realism is superior to anything seen in virtual reality to date, designed to go far beyond gaming. The crisp 5K resolution and full 24bit RGB colors, together with the unique custom-built optics and 170 degrees FOV, give the VRHero 5K Plus, according to analysts, the most true-to-life image in VR to date. The display improvements include latency reduction, low persistence, faster color switching, and sharper blacks. The performance is further improved by the official support of NVIDIA VRWorks, NVIDIA's performance boosting framework for HMD developers through functions like Direct Mode, Single Pass Stereo, and Lens Matched Shading. 

The presented VR enterprise VR solution for automotive combined ESI's IC. IDO professional visualization software directly with the high-resolution VRHero 5K headset. Tracked by the industrial-grade ART tracking system and Leap Motion hand-tracking, the showcase demonstrated how automotive designers and engineers can already leverage virtual reality to enhance their productivity.

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Marek Polcák completed his cybernetic engineering master's degree at Czech Technical University's Faculty of Electrical Engineering in 2011 with a focus on biomedical engineering. At the same time, he received a degree from the Masaryk Institute of Advanced Studies School of Business in industrial management.

During his final years at the university, Marek founded a team that developed its own robotic platform. Over several years, the team designed and produced robot prototypes using the ROS operating system and a chassis of their own design.

In 2013, Marek took an interest in virtual reality in connection with the FlyPrague project designed to offer tourists a unique virtual flight over Prague's historic city center. FlyPrague gradually tried all the VR googles available on the market and decided to use feedback from 35,998 people to begin developing its own equipment.

That work came to a culmination in 2017 with the founding of VRgineers, virtual reality engineering company developing and manufacturing cutting-edge enterprise-grade VR gear for professionals. Their new generation high-resolution VR headset platform, the VRHero 5K Plus, is used by clients in the automotive, architecture, industrial design, and training sectors, enabling them to transform their work using VR technology. The company is headquartered in Prague with a U.S. office in Los Angeles.

Try VRHero 5K Plus for yourself at the VRgineers booth at GTC on March 26 - 29 in San Jose; at VRLA on May 4 - 5 in Los Angeles; or at Techspo 2018 on June 13 - 14 also in Los Angeles. .


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